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You have discovered this intriguing new world of Remo. You see the possibilities for changing and customizing floorplans to create new, tailor made venues where people enjoy connecting. It’s exciting! 

However, it can quickly become stressful and overwhelming when you realize that the basic instructions are not enough. You’ve got questions that you may not even know how to ask and Google definitely does not have the answers. Events are coming quickly and deadlines loom. You want to be able to offer your clients something creative and well suited to their events, but the technical aspects of building your ideas just keep getting in the way. Trial and error takes too long and you don’t want to risk entire events falling apart because you missed something.  

Once you master building Remo floorplans you will be able to

  • Say “Yes!” to your clients, to the creative ideas you have now, and to all the ones you’ve yet to envision to help you clients create unique virtual events everyone will remember. 

  • Move quickly and efficiently through the design and programming process because you know you’ve covered all the bases.

  •  Gain the confidence that your floorplans will work every time and bring back happy clients over and over again! 

With this course, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate Remo and ALL of its elements
  • Understand and maximize the important functions of a floorplan
  • Modify existing floorplans (delete or add tables, change colors, add logos)
  • Create and program new floorplans
  • Master basic techniques so you can branch out creatively
  • Implement advanced techniques to create next level floorplans
  • Troubleshoot & Test
  • Demystify working with clients

How it works:

Join this hands on, video course that will guide you step by step, start to finish, on modifying and building Remo floorplans. You’ll work at your own pace through four robust modules. Each module will be broken down into several lessons so you can hone in on specific topics as you learn and easily refer back to them as you continue to master floorplan building.

MODULE 1  | Getting Started

In Module 1, I’ll outline the tools you’ll need (free and low cost), setting up your workspace and best ways to use the included templates. I’ll take you through the basic functions of a Remo floorplan and we’ll cover which Illustrator skills you’ll be using most. When designing a floorplan, you’ll be part engineer, part artist, and part event host. I’ll help you navigate those roles as well guide you through considering what your users will experience.

MODULE 2  | The Anatomy of a Remo Floorplan

In Module 2, we’ll dive deep into each of the elements of a Remo floorplan. Here you’ll start to understand the sandbox you can create in. You’ll learn what can and cannot be changed, what elements are essential and which are optional. We’ll talk all about seating, event flow, floors and sponsors.

MODULE 3  | Basic Floorplan Building: Essential Elements

In Module 3, we start building. You’ll learn about using different types of backgrounds, how to define a conference area, creating seats, tables and table names. By the end of this Module, you’ll be equipped to modify a simple existing floorplan, or build a basic, no-frills floorplan from scratch. 

MODULE 4  | Basic Floorplan Building: Optional Elements

In Module 4, we build on those basic floorplan skills and start adding in the optional elements that add a lot of functionality. We’ll cover creating a green room, how to build and use billboards (including a variety of use cases), as well as sponsor banners, and ways to incorporate them to do so much more than hold a sponsor logo.


MODULE 5  | Validate, Test & Troubleshoot

You’ve built a floorplan! In Module 5, we’ll make sure it flies. I’ll walk you through checking your layers, saving and optimizing your files for best performance, validating, troubleshooting, uploading, testing and touring your floorplans.

MODULE 6  | Working with Clients

Unless you’re building floorplans as a hobby, you’ll be working with clients. In Module 6, we’ll discuss strategies for understanding your client or organization’s needs and how to create a floorplan that best meets them. You’ll learn about licensing, terms and agreements, as well as how to build your portfolio and a clientele.

I am committed to your success, so in addition to the guided video lessons, I'm also including these extra value bonuses:

  • Starter templates, so you can skip the setup and get started confidently. 

  • A top to bottom checklist of the essential tasks to create flawless floorplans. 

  • 3 months of weekly live Q&A sessions with me where I will help you get unstuck and get through any hurdles you might have with your  Remo floorplans.

  • Lifetime access to a Members Only community to ask questions, share tips with each other, and feel accountable to get through the course as quickly as possible. (Founding Members ONLY)

  • Lifetime access to all future updates to the lessons and Remo changes. (Founding Members ONLY)

When you join, you can get started right away with the first module, with a new module being released each week. You’ll have lifetime access to both the course content and the members only community, so you’ll have the resources you need to flourish as a floorplan designer.

The price of this course will be $1400
Get an exclusive discount when you join before October 5th
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In the past year I have been working with over 50 clients in nonprofit, associations, event planning and corporate engagement providing them with custom Remo floorplans built for their specific needs. Remo themselves have brought me in to create venues for some of their largest and most exciting events.

Here are some of the things that past clients had to share: 


Our team and our alumni love the floorplan!!! Thank you so much. It’s really great and exactly what we were hoping for.

Princeton Day School

I cannot say this enough -- you are truly amazing!! THANK YOU!!! I just logged in, added the floorplan you created to the event, and it is GORGEOUS! I am on the verge of tears because I am just so thankful we were able to connect, and you were able to work your magic!

Be Like Brit

OMG! The floorplan looks amazing! Thank you for all the awesome work.

The Third Floor, Inc.

Delighting clients is the best part of what I do. I am anxious to help you start getting the same reactions.





  • What do I need to get started?

    Access to and basic working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator
    Access to a Remo account for testing your floorplans

  • I am not a graphic designer. Will this course work for me?

    You will need to have basic working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator to make the most of this course. You’ll need to know how to generally navigate Illustrator, use selection tools, move elements, create basic shapes and use type, and know basics ordering and layers. If you’re new to Illustrator, you can start with this FREE course on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/learning/illustrator-2021-essential-training/walk-through-setup) By completing Lessons 1-7 in this LinkedIn course, you should have the skills you need to join Floorplan Creator Pro and succeed.

  • How long will the course take?

    I’ll move quickly through content so you can start mastering floorplans in the shortest amount of time. You can move at your own pace and complete all the modules in a day or two, or move more methodically, pausing to master each step along the way. If you dedicate a consistent block of time to your course, you will be able to become a Remo floorplan master in 30 days or less. Whatever your learning style and pace, you’ll be in complete control of how quickly you move through it, and can check in each week at the live Q&A session for troubleshooting or specific questions you may have.

  • Is this course worth the investment?

    Here are a few ways to figure that out.

    Will you use or want to use more than two or three modified or new floorplans in the next year?
    Have you been wasting time and energy that should be going to other important parts of your business by making endless frustrating mistakes trying to build floorplans?
    Do you have the potential of one or two new clients or an upgraded client if you could offer them floorplans that would suit their events?
    Do you want to work on your own terms and timelines rather than wait to see what a designer could offer you?
    If even one of these is a “yes” the course will quickly pay for itself and more!

  • Is this course refundable?

    This course is only open at the moment to founding members who are willing to test it and share their feedback. In exchange of your contribution to build a stellar program, you are getting this course at a very steep discount, $997 instead of $1400. You will also get lifetime access to all future updates and improvements. Therefore, there will be no refund possible.

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