COMING SOON World Autism Awareness Day : APRIL 2

COMING SOON World Autism Awareness Day : APRIL 2

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Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day is April 2. To share the love and spread the message, the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary is hosting their annual festival on Remo and invites you to do the same for an organization near you. They are making their floorplan available free to any Remo host who would like to use it. Just complete the $0 purchase, include the email associated with your Remo account, and we'll upload it for you.

Guests per floor: ~60

Video: YES
Agenda board: NO

Private room (stage): YES, up to 8 people

Sponsors or clickable: 6

Table naming: Mixed, some editable vendor table names

Usage: Upload to 1 Remo account for unlimited use on that account